St. George's Storage Program

How It Works....

Take a look at your options:

  • Do you have furniture to store? Mark each piece with your name and home address before storing it.
  • Consider a 'Storage Cube' to simplify your moving and storage! All of your stuff can probably be stored in this one sturdy container you can view the container at the Book Store.
  • Medium cardboard boxes are available at the school bookstore if that's all you need.
  • Check the "Rules for Storage" section below to make sure your storage items are allowed...
  • Mark all storage items with your name and home address before bringing them to us.
  • Bring all your items for storage to the Moving Day drop off location on campus. Dates and times will be announced in advance.
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  • List how many of each item you will be storing and add up the totals. If you have questions about items not on the list, you can estimate by choosing another item on the list that is similar in size. Items not listed here should be packed properly and measured. Then you should find an item on the list that is a comparable size and pay that amount. Adjustments may be made once we see the item on moving day.
  • Bring a copy of your email confirmation and payment with you to “Packing Day”. Dates and times will be announced in advance.
Rules For Storing

  • Items that cannot be stored: anything liquid, flammable, explosive, perishable (NO FOOD!), illegal, hazardous, toxic, living or dead. Also, we will NOT be accepting sleeper sofas this year. (We mean the traditional sleep sofas where the mattress folds out of the seat of the sofa, not the fold down 'Ikea' type sofas, or futons.)
  • Boxes are rated for maximum weight capacity (listed alongside each box size on the price list) and should not be over loaded. Overweight boxes will be subject to additional charges.
  • Mini fridges must be cleaned inside, defrosted and drained of any remaining water. Other appliances must be cleaned of any food residue or liquid.
  • Rugs, Sofas, all upholstered furniture must be clean, pest-free and dry before storage.
  • Late orders will be subject to availability.
Climate Controlled GROUP Storage: (prices include pick up, delivery and communal storage for three months.  Payment in full is required at time of dropoff.) 

  • 'Storage Cube': approx. 3’ x 3’ x 3’, fits as much as inside 7 medium boxes!  (includes pick up, delivery and storage for the summer) $250.00
  • Medium Box, available at the bookstore: 18” x 18” x 16” (3.0 cu. ft.) 30 lbs. max weight $50.00
  • Loveseat or Bookcase: up to 60” long $90.00
  • Sofa or Futon: up to 80” long, (no sleep sofas) $100.00
  • Upholstered Chair: up to 36” long $75.00
  • Office Chair $50
  • Mini Fridge: approx. 20” x 20’ x 34” $55.00
  • Rolled up Rug: up to 72” roll $40.00
  • Odd items not listed here will be weighed and charged $1 per pound.
NOTE: Middletown Self Storage LLC assumes no liability for damages due to non-compliance with the above rules. We reserve the right to refuse any item not in compliance with the above rules.